Ridgid is a brand that was created by The Ridge Tool Company. This large manufacturing company was established in 1923 in the city of North Ridgeville. With its long history and reputation as the symbol of certainty to professionals of the expert trades, you can put your faith in Ridgid tools.

The RIDGID range includes the following key product categories:

  • CCTV Equipment: SeeSnake, SeeSnake Plus, SeeSnake Mini, Nano Reel CA-300, CS1000 Digital Recording Monitor, DVDPak2 Inspection Camera Monitor

  • Locating Equipment: NaviTrack Scout, NaviTrack II, NaviTrack Line Transmitter, NaviTrack Brick

  • Wrenches: Heavy-Duty Pipe Wrenches, Aluminium Pipe Wrenches, Specific Purpose Wrenches

  • Tubing Cutters: Pipe Cutters, Pipe Reamers / Extractors / Taps, Power Pipe Cutting ,Dry Cut Saws, Tubing Cutters, Plastic Pipe Cutters

  • Threading Machines: Model 300 Compact Threading Machine, Model 535A Automatic Threading Machine, Manual Ratchet Threaders, Manual Receding Threaders, Hand-held Power Threaders

  • Roll Grooving: 915 Manual Roll Groover, 918 & 920 Hydraulic Roll Groover, Electric Roll Groove

  • Bending & Forming: Lever Benders, Ratchet Benders, Conduit Benders, Tube Expanders, Swaging Tools, Flaring Tools

  • Sectional Machines: K-50 / K-60 / K-1500 Sectional Machines

Catalogue Ranges Supported