In today’s fast paced world businesses are constantly looking for innovative ways to increase productivity whilst maintaining or improving the levels of safety for their people. 

With this focus in mind & an eye to the future Konnect Fastening Systems® and Segnut have partnered to bring the market a product that meets the brief of assisting with both! 

The Segnut™ is a fast release system that has quantifiable benefits to customers businesses by improving removal time of seized nuts and increasing safety; as there is no need for gas axing or Hot Work’s Permits to remove these. 

Utilising plant and equipment as often and effectively as possible, and reducing down time to maximise productivity and profitability, is at the heart of what Segnut™ is designed to do! 

Our teams are invested in helping your business realise your goals and Konnect Fastening Systems® and Segnut™ can help you get there!

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Construction Product Guide

KON P4C Part A - SDS20766 - 65

KON P4C part B - SDS20772 - 65

KON V4C part B - SDS20773 - 65

KON V4C part B - SDS20773 - 65

Konnect Fastening Systems® Chemical Resistance Table - KONP4C + KONV4C

WRAS Approval - KONV4C


Contact your Local Konnect Fastening Systems® Representative for the Full Performance Details Contained in the following Reports:

  • KONP4C ETA17-0381 Bonded Anchor
  • KONV4C ETA14-0382 Rebar Connection
  • KONV4C ETA17-0383 Bonded Anchor
  • KONV4C F120 Fire Report